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Friday, September 01, 2006

Sorry State of Affairs

On April 2, a standard low-grade lowlife who was a week away from finishing a 90-day jail sentence for a parole violation broke out of jail. He is accused of having shot a NYS Trooper after his escape. Since then he has become a lowlife magnet, attracting dirtbags of many types. Last night, it appears he ambushed and shot 2 more State Troopers. This crap has to stop.

Those of you from the Buffalo area (or who may be watching the news ticker on the bottom of the screen on "Fox & Friends") have heard of this man, known as Ralph "Bucky" Philips. This is the last time you will read me referring to him by that nickname. Firstly, because he is a low-class dirtbag who doesn't deserve to be known by anything other than the name printed on his arrest warrant. Most importantly, however, "Bucky" was the nickname of my wife's late cousin who was a singularly decent human being - the sort whose smile would stick with you for the rest of your life if you had but looked upon it once. Let the name "Bucky" be forever associated with that man, and him alone.

As I said earlier, Philips has become a magnet for lowlives in some of the areas around Western New York. For some reason, he has become a local hero to many. You can buy T-Shirts in the area which read "Run, Bucky, Run." A restaurant serves "Bucky Burgers," which can only be ordered to go. ( A cartoon in our local birdcage liner, The Buffalo News, joked about it being served along side an "Osama bin Lager"). Many locals call the police manhunt "excessive."

Then, there have been some incidents. A few months ago, a 25 year old with a suspended drivers license was riding an ATV while drunk. A state trooper stopped him. There is some question and theorizing as to the exact chain of events that happened next. A man matching Philips' description had been seen on an ATV, and an ATV had been reported stolen. There is some question as to whether or not the trooper might have thought this 25 year old was Philips. What is not in question, however, is that this drunken dirtbag took off, and actually was dragging the state trooper with his ATV for a mile. Since he refused to stop, the trooper was forced to shoot him. The idiot died of his injuries.

Now the family of this idiot is suing the police. I guess that at 12:40 am when they're looking for a dangerous fugitive on an ATV that they should just let a drunken idiot on an ATV by without a glance. Or maybe the trooper should have just let himself be dragged until the moron ran out of gas.

Then we have several incidents in which people have harbored him for days on end. Finally, last night, 2 state troopers were ambushed and shot. They are both in the hospital.

What is most disturbing of all is the undercurrent. There are many people who so distrust the police that they romanticize a dangerous fugitive. It's bad enough for police when the local citizenry is unhelpful. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be when the local citizenry is actively aiding the dirtbag. There have been several occasions in which I have felt that we should simply wall off entire area and tell the morons inside "Fine, you don't like the cops. Lets see how long you last without them."

Seriously, there are very few things as aggravating as people who cannot comprehend the fact that other people are risking their lives to keep them safe. The only upside to this whole sorry affair is that at least now a large subgroup of dirtbags has revealed their true colors for all to see. I pray that Philips will be taken in before any more people are hurt. I will not, in this prayer however, make any requests as to his condition when he is finally captured.


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