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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shopping is Fun...

Especially when you stumble onto sales you didn't expect. We went shopping yesterday primarily to put a dent in the Christmas shopping (I know it's early, but we have to ship stuff cross-country). I had a coupon and reward bonus at the Hallmark Store, so we started there.

I had a mini-I-have-nothing-to-wear-crisis before we had left for the store, after realizing that most of my winter clothes are bulky brown sweaters and jeans that don't fit well. So, at Peter's suggestion, we went into Lane Bryant and walked into a friends and family weekend event. All clothes except right-fit were 30% off and if you spent over $125, you got an additional 10% of everything, including right-fit. So I got the following:

a second pair of right-fit jeans

this turtleneck in the red color

this shirt in blue

and this sweater in ruby red and emerald green

Then it was time to replace the brown shoes that Miss Molly-pup decided to eat the insoles out of on Thursday. I tried the Naturalizer store first, because they have a ton of wide width shoes in the store, not just online. I tried on 6 different pairs of "wide" width shoes and they were all too narrow (in the exact same spot). Frustrated, we went next door to the Macy's, which doesn't even carry wide widths. And yet I managed to find these Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes . I'm a little frustrated with Naturalizer, because I don't understand how a store that makes such a big deal about having wide widths, cuts their shoes so narrow that a medium width in another brand fits better.


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