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Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Kenmore Wildlife

I continue to be amazed by the creatures who inhabit this area, many of which I thought were not indigenous.

Last week, it was an apparent eagle, now this.

ES1 & I were enjoying a long overdue Saturday morning rest. We looked out the window and saw some strange tracks.

From the angle of the window, we could see one dashed line in the snow, next to a continuous line. My first thought was 'a rabbit with a limp?' ES1 thought it could have been something dragging its tail.

When I went out to shove the snow, I got a better look at the tracks:

Finally, I saw the source of the tracks:

The legendary European Tim Horton's Cup.

It had to be European:

African Tim Horton's Cups are non-migratory.

The things we find in this neighborhood.


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