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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Best Gift Ever

Day 2 of BufBloPoFo08.

The best gift I ever received has to be one I got two Christmases ago from the husband. If you're about my age, you might actually remember the video he bought me. It was a Jim Henson Christmas special from 1986 called The Christmas Toy . It told the story of Rugby the lion and his quest to become the Christmas Toy for the second year in a row. It actually spun off a TV series called "The Secret Life of Toys." Some of the themes in the movie are reflected in the plot of Toy Story.

I had been telling him about it for years. He had never seen it. I think he actually doubted its existence until I showed him the IMDB page. So he decided to make that part of my Christmas present. I don't think he realized how much trouble he was going to run into to find it.

It has never been released as an isolated DVD. If you purchased the "Muppet Family Christmas" DVD The Christmas Toy was featured on the DVD. However, the DVD is out of production, and you can't even find a Region 1 page on amazon. So he tried the video section of amazon, where you can find Used and New from people selling their old video copies. At that point you couldn't find one online that was selling for less than about $40 or so. The price has come down some now.

I guess this was the best present ever, because I had pretty much written off getting a copy of it ever for my collection. So the fact that he went out of the way to find it and spent far more then I expected him to spend on a 50 minute video. It was like getting a piece of my childhood back.


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