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Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm not talking about the Sabres performance last night. Sure, they lost. But they played 3 great games in a row. They only need to win more. If we're gonna have an off night (everybody has those) last night was as good a night as any.

What I'm referring to is the fans performance during the national anthems. The Canadian anthem was sung first, out of respect (the Ottawa games featured ours first). There was an audible boo from the fans. It wasn't too long ago that there was a quasi-big uproar over Canadian fans booing our anthem. If that was disrespectful, so was the performance of our fans. If you don't wanna sing, don't sing. But stand up and shut up.

And this after I just blogged praising our fans. Grrr.

I was caught a bit off guard by Ronan Tynan singing "God Bless America" as opposed to "The Star Spangled Banner," but he hit it flawlessly, and it was a great performance. This morning on WGR I heard a few fans talking superstitiously about not singing the actual national anthem. Fooey, say I. It's a patriotic hymn, that was sung very well.

Aside: For those who are unaware, ES1 is an Alto II. She's practically a tenor. She hit every note of BOTH songs flawlessly. It was almost disturbing.


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