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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Philips redux

A few updates about the fugitive scumbag and his shrinking band of supporters.

First, the bad stuff:

Over the last few days there were many people complaining that he "wasn't a criminal; he was only in jail for robbery." Just like I'm not married. I only live with a woman whose jewelry happens to match mine (and who I happen to be madly in love with, plan to spend the rest of my life with, and eventually have kids with, but that's not the point!).

Also, a number of people have said "well, how did the State Troopers expect him to react when they attacked his grandchildren." By "attacked," they mean called CPS on. Why did the troopers call CPS? Well, lets see - their mother brought them to the house where their grandmother was harboring an armed and dangerous fugitive for 3 days!!!!

Now, the good stuff:

The few morons who actually can make any of those previous statements with a straight face are being called out by the rest of the community.

The two State Troopers who were shot are still in critical condition, but there is much hope.

And the best news of all:

Philips support is dwindling.

The restaurant which used to serve the "Bucky Burger" took it off the menu a month ago. It's harder to find the t-shirts (though apparantly many were seen at the fair (fortunately not by us)).

It seems that some of the people who looked at him as a romantic outlaw no longer find the whole situation amusing. They finally are starting to wake up to how dangerous this man really is. Some people love a guy who will "stick it to the man." They are less amused when things start to get really dangerous.

Still, some will complain about the police roadblocks, and being inconvenienced. This is to be expected. There is a sadly large group of paranoid self-important people who see themselves as being "oppressed" by anything that is inconvenient. These people tend to have a pretty stupid definition of oppression. Here's a good rule of thumb: if you can publicly protest against your own government you are not being oppressed!

You wanna see oppression? Go to Cuba. Go to North Korea. Go to Iran. Go to China. Go to Saudi Arabia. Try going to any of these places and enjoying the freedoms you have here. Lenin had a great term: "useful idiots." Useful idiots were people in western liberal democracies who denied the occurrence of his purges and atrocities, or generally helped the communist cause, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Often they helped it simply by undermining those who were working to protect their own freedom or safety.

Kim Jong Il has useful idiots. Castro has lots of useful idiots (including, disgracefully, a former president). Ralph Philips has useful idiots. Their number, fortunately, is dwindling. And those that remain are not going to be useful for him for much longer.

Pray for Donald Baker Jr. (who was supposed to be at his sister's wedding today) , Joseph Longobardo, and their families for a speedy recovery. And pray that this whole sorry affair comes to a close soon.


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