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Thursday, March 08, 2007

A few Random links

First off: the "Should You Vote?" test. For the record my score was 97% and Peter scored a 94%. They show you a series of pictures of people and answer 2 simple question about each picture. Who is this person and what is their job. And they're multiple choice.

Second: So NYC's banned artificial trans-fats and the FDA is requiring companies to publish the amounts of trans-fats in all food items that have more than 0.5g. This New York Times article (registration required- sorry), talks about an interesting side effect of the trans-fat obession and fears. Natural trans-fats. Turns out there are natural trans-fats found in beef, milk, butter, cheese, etc. Commercial bakeries are having to cut butter our of their products and replace it with margarine/palm oil because consumers are demanding trans-fat free foods. Weirdest fact? Scientists think that the natural trans-fats are healthy but the artificial ones aren't. And I'm sorry, but I'm with the baker, it's not a croissant if there's no butter in it.

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