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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sitemeter, Go Fsck Yourselves

Yesterday, I saw a link from Little Green Footballs about SiteMeter. Following the link, I discovered that sitemeter is now installing a 3rd party cookie to track browsing. This 3rd party cookie constitutes spyware.

I'm a Mac user. As John Gruber's classic post points out, a bulk of the reason things are so better on the Mac side is that we don't put up with crap. Spyware, crapware, and things that just plain don't work are accepted as a fact of life on the Windows side. Mac users have higher standards.

Sitemeter can now go do anatomically improbable things to themselves. We're canceling our account. Check your cookies for specificclick. Tell your friends. Tell people whose blogs you read. Tell that guy with the axe who's standing right behind you.


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