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Monday, November 05, 2007

What Being an Adult Means...

Today I have an opportunity to reflect on what adulthood means.

I started out on Thursday with a bit of a sore throat. It got steadily worse over the weekend until finally this morning I ended up sounding like an asthmatic Emperor Palpatine searching in vain for his inhaler. In previous years, I would have just sucked it up and gone in. This year, however, both my Principal and my Assistant Principal, within 2 days of each other, remarked to my class that prior to this year they had no idea that my voice had any bass in it whatsoever, or that it could get that loud. That, and ES1's not so subtle suggestion finally caused me to call in.

All I wanted to do was to curl up on the couch. I decided to first be nice and drop off ES1 at work. On the way back, I swung by Wegmans to pick up those things that I needed for today. That should've been the end of it.


Last week we had our roof replaced. The complete tear-off job left debris and some fallen insulation in an attic we need to use. I took the time to clean it, and then put away a pile of summer clothes and random stuff which had been waiting.

Then I started some laundry, paid some bills, dropped them off at the post office, swung by the bank, and treated myself to Dunkin Donuts. I cleaned up the kitchen before I ate it.

It was 6:30 when I called in. It was 11:30 before I could relax.

Adulthood is that thing that sneaks up on you. It was that thing that told me I wouldn't be able to relax knowing that all this was waiting to be done. But now I have a full cup of coffee, a half glass of OJ, a Beagle on my lap, and, because of election day, I don't have to be back to work until Wednesday.

Now, I can relax and ponder why I saw a wild turkey crossing Amherst St. near Elmwood Franklin this morning.

For further ruminations on adulthood, I leave you with today's Garfield:


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