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Monday, March 03, 2008

Things that went well today

It's day three of the BufBloPoFo08 and the topic was to talk about things that went well today.

- I started at a new rotation site that I really like and even though I was only there once before for a total of a month, people remembered me and and seemed happy to see me.
- There was no machine to swipe for scrubs so I didn't need to beg someone to get me a pair.
- I was still in the omnicell to get narcotics out
- The attending I worked with actually spent a good amount of time teaching today.
- I got to play with the GlideScope today.
- There were Timbits at our morning meeting.
- I left work at a decent hour.
- I came home to a husband and a snuggly dog.



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