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Thursday, October 23, 2008

It Gets Worse

An article here on Pajamas Media details the extent of the murderous destruction that was planned by Ayers and his colleagues. Once again, the only reason that the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil prior to Oklahoma City was averted was that a few of the scumbags planning it did the universe a favor and blew themselves up.

Here, this video shows what these rat bastard commies were really planning. They were planning to take over the nation and create a system of reeducation camps. Anyone who was a die-hard capitalist would simply be eliminated. They estimated about 25,000,000.

I cannot stress this enough. Ayers said that he felt they didn't do enough. He has never given up his radicalism. In fact, his entire work as an "educator" has been to push his radicalism into schools.

And now over 3000 dipsticks have written in support of this jackhole.

They were right about one thing, however. Some people simply can't be rehabilitated.


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