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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ethnic Foods Fail

The other day, I received my usual email from Williams-Sonoma, advertising new stuff.

This one had the headline New Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan.

Now, I will leave aside, for the moment the fact that it's made of cast-aluminum and therefore is not capable of retaining nearly enough heat to properly cook them, and that such a pan should really be made of cast-iron, the cookware of the gods.

I will only ask one slightly snarky question. Do we trust Williams-Sonoma to help us make Æbleskiver when the can't even spell it right?

Yes, I know that "Æ" isn't part of the English language, but Ae would work just as well.

For a real demostration of æbleskiver, see this video of ES1 making them.


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