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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random thoughts about home call.

- It's very frustrating to be paged back into the hospital when you've just pulled into your driveway after a 13 hr day.

- It's even more frustrating to drive in for an emergency that gets delayed by almost 2 hrs.

- It's frustrating to be called in for a case, do all the set-up and then have the case cancelled.

- It's frustrating for the pager to go off right as I've turned off the light and gone to bed.

- It's rewarding to get called in and see over the course of the surgery a very sick baby start to look better.

- It's rewarding to be called in for an emergency on a patient, and have the family remember you from their baby's last surgery (and be glad to see you).

- It's rewarding to be called in and find a true emergency that can be fixed (even if it takes 5 hours or more).

- It's rewarding to hear staff tell you they're glad you're on call.

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