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Monday, May 15, 2006

I do believe.

So why did it take me until now to post about the Sabres stunning win over the Sens this weekend? Easy, I was on call yesterday. Check out my friend Jim's post on his immediate post-game reaction. Also worth a listen is this . I must say, the Sabres have one of the best radio commentators I have ever heard.

I barely saw any of the game (we were out doing the Mother's Day thing with my parents) but I saw the most important part. I saw Jason Pominville score the first short-handed overtime goal in NHL playoff history. ESPN's Sportscenter on Sunday morning called that the #1 play in their top 10 rundown. What struck me most about the Sabres throughout the season and even more so in the playoffs is the players themselves. With the exception of Ryan Miller it is hard to pick out a single player who stands out as the hero of the playoffs. We don't just have one or two stars, our team is truly that, a team. If one player is out with injury or having an off game, others bring their level of play up. And we don't give up.

I also watched with great pride, Miller's response to a very loaded question asked to him an a post-game interview. He was asked about being passed over for the US Olympic team, something many hockey commentators (even those not in Buffalo) expressed surprise about. He very politely said that is was their decision, pointed out he had a broken thumb at the time, and said he cheered on the US team. Basically, he refused to take the bait and showed that he is a polite and well spoken person.

I believe we can win the Stanley Cup. But to my beloved Sabres I say this: Whether you come home Stanley Cup Champions or after losing in the East finals, you have done a wonderful job this season. You have served us well and I am proud to say that I am a Sabres fan.


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