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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Bad Day got Better

I had a good day yesterday. ES1 did not.

When she came home, she was in need of comfort food, and was not in the mood for my planned Green Chili Daal (or, more precisely, was not in the mood to wait the 45 minutes it would take to cook it).

The solution: I took her to La Marina. Everyone there knows us, given the fact that ES1's mother used to translate for the owner's father when he first arrived in America. The food is great, the ambience is superb, and they have the most down home & consistently hot waitresses of any restaurant I've ever seen, real or on screen.

Slowly, the food and the wine began to melt away all stress.

Then things got better. It was announced on television that they got the mofo.

Personally, I was hoping that he would find himself cornered and try to hide inside a wood chipper, but no such luck. ES1 pointed out that she greatly admired the restraint of the State Troopers for taking him in unharmed.

The important part is that the families of State Troopers can now rest easier.

There is no civilized nation whose legal system allows for the punishment that befits a degenerate parasite, and probably murderer like this man. The best we could do is put him in the general prison population and start a rumor that he is a child molester.

I'm sorry, that wasn't very Christian of me. It's a good thing I'm not in charge of law enforcement.


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