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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Hate Wednesdays.

Well, not really. I'm always exhausted once the day is over. I leave the house at 5:45am and come home at 10pm. I go from work, to Wendy's for dinner and then to rehearsal from 7-9:30. I'm always so tired when I get home. This is one of those days where it's hard to recover if it gets started on the wrong foot. Like today's did.

I'm on an ICU rotation right now, covering surgery patients. It's never a good sign when you walk in and see a crash cart outside a room that was empty when you left and 2 surgery residents standing in front of the room. The patient had been coding off and on since 2am. Its now 6am, his epinephrine is going at 100cc/hr and his norepi is going almost as fast. Pink frothy secretions are coming up out of the ETT. The systolic pressure's in the 80s and the heart rate's in the 40s. So I was busy for an hour until the family decided not to prolong the inevitable. And you can guess how the day went from there.

Thanks. Venting over. We will now resume regular programming.


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