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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Go Bills

Sorry for the lack of posting. We wanted the previous post to remain at the top for a while.

That said on to my favorite subject this time of year. Football. After having watched the Bills play the first two games of the season I have to say I am much more optimistic about this season. I had resigned myself to another season like last years, hoping that this time our new coach would be committed to giving Losman the practical experience he needed.

Imagine my surprise when we nearly beat the Patriots. Sure we didn't score a single point in the second half, but we also didn't get blown out. We had a couple of poorly timed (and questionable) penalties in the second half that cost us some potential scores. Losman looked pretty good in that game.

Then there's last Sunday's game. It wasn't pretty at times, but we won. Our defense was up to par (as has been the case in many years past), but finally we have an offense that seems capable of scoring from within the red zone with some consistency. And who blocks a punt anymore? Could our special teams be any better? Thank God we didn't lose that when we brought the rest of the team up to speed. And where has my optimism taken me? I think we could go 8 and 8. Not a Superbowl run just yet, but pretty close.


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