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Monday, December 25, 2006


So we just got back from my parent's house after having dinner there. My concert was supposed to be broadcast over the radio while we were gone today, so we set up the computer antenna and programmed it for recording. As I was changing into my PJs, Peter started to review the recording, to see how it sounded.

Despite the fact that on the listing on WBFO's website that they would be playing this year's concert, they played last year's performance. I'm pretty ticked off right now. It's the only way I ever get to hear how we sound and my only opportunity to have a recording of my performances. And I liked this year's program. Alot. We did some pieces we've done in the past, only we did a much better job with them this time around, plus some new pieces I really loved. And now I won't have a copy of it.

Plus we always make a copy for the BCAS archives, and we won't even have that. I also know we hire union musicians to accompany us and we have to pay them extra to be allowed to broadcast the concert, so we wasted money we really don't have.


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