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Friday, December 22, 2006

What the Fsck is Wrong with Denver?



Rocky Freakin' Mountains.


They should be used to snow by now. I just heard a news reporter refer to the Denver Airport as "the one that was never supposed to close because of snow." The news outlets have been all over the city having been shut down for days, the airport still not up and running, chaos, dogs and cats living together, etc.

First, it annoys me that there is wall to wall coverage there, and for the earlier damage in the Northwest, but there was barely a mention when our area, the second most populous in New York, was slammed and shut down due to every tree in the area being virtually obliterated!

What tears it, however, was the snowfall. ES1's reaction was "What the &*@#?"

We thought it was a real blizzard.

Total snowfall:
"up to 25 inches fell in the Denver metropolitan area."

2 feet.

2. Freackin'. Feet.

A few years ago, at Christmas, Buffalo was sacked with 8 feet over the course of a few days. Our airport was reopened after a day or so. Even during the October storm, with every road in the region cluttered with downed trees and power lines, people were back out driving in a few days (against driving bans in many spots).

All Denver got was a little snow. How can they be so inept as to still be having difficulty? Aren't they used to snow? Do they just have incompetents running snow removal? Was the blowing/drifting just that bad? I'm watching the snowplows just now doing something with the runways. 5000 people stranded in the airport.

What the fsck is taking them so long? If this had hit Buffalo, barely anyone would have blinked.

What am I missing here?

Edit - 4:27 PM, 12/22/06 True, as was pointed out, the 2 feet fell in a relatively brief amount of time. But we're going on a few days having passed now.

Post-script: There is one blessing - apparently there have been no storm related fatalities (of course, such numbers are always suspect, since they are composed primarily not of the storm killing people (i.e. trees falling on people), but people being stupid in storms (i.e. running generators indoors with no ventilation)).


Anonymous Kristen said...

To be fair, those 2 feet of snow showed up pretty quickly. Someone I know on LJ left work early Wednesday -- earlier than the offical 3pm "early release" -- and said it was pretty much whiteout conditions. She says she and her Jeep are not leaving the house "until normal people in normal cars can get out." (I'm wondering if maybe they're not as used to this kind of torrential snowstorm as we are.)

12:56 PM  

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