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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Elton John, you have lost a fan.

I just read this article about Elton John via Drudge . I really used to enjoy his music. In fact, I used to sing one of his songs as a solo piece. I made Peter put my favorite cuts on the ipod, in fact, we even bought a few tracks to add on. As of right now, all of his music is unchecked. I may even decide to delete him completely and destroy my cds. I try not to let the politics, belief systems, lifestyle of a musician influence my ability to enjoy their music. After all, music rises above all that, music in and of itself exists.

But I don't think I can listen to music produced by someone who views me as a "hateful lemming" and feels I "lack compassion" because I have strong religious beliefs. He is being as judgemental as he is accusing me (and those of strong faith) of being. He assumes we are all homophobes (those of you who know me personally know the absurdity of that statement) and unwilling to accept anything out of the norm.

He also blames all of the current wrongs of the world on a lack of religious intervention. Where are the religious leaders he asks? If you look at the Big 3 religions (Christian, Judaism, Islam) all three have had violent pasts and two have eschewed violence completely. It is hard to dialog with someone who's goal is your total annihilation. And don't get me started on the hypocrisy of saying religion doesn't work and then expecting religious leaders to fix things.

Maybe his ego just doesn't allow him to accept that their might be a being higher than him. But it does make me respect him less. Not because of his lifestyle or his politics, but because of his ego and closemindedness.

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Blogger David N. Scott said...

Yeah... that was sad...

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha. He just called it the way it was, and you can't take it. Religious people are OFTEN a bunch of paranoid wackos - you just proved it yourself by your extreme overreaction. You guys can't even take the MILDEST criticism without freaking out. The reality is, you use the excuse of 'I have strong religious beliefs' to excuse your own childishness. I just don't believe you have this fine sensitive nature that was hurt, in reality you have chip on your shoulder and you waited for someone to knock it off.

12:57 PM  
Blogger dr. nic said...

I really don't consider being called a "hateful lemming" and being told I "lack compassion" because I'm part of a particular group to be mildest criticism. And I'm not really sure how my post was childish - the man makes money every time I buy something and I have a right not to spend my money on him. But there's no point in trying to debate you, since you won't even dignify your comments with your identity.

And fyi, if I was so childish and sensitive, I would have just deleted your comment. But I won't.

7:46 AM  

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