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Friday, July 20, 2007

Crimes Against Fashion

And now, the lighter side of crimes against humanity.

ES1 got herself an impromptu day off yesterday. We took the opportunity to go the mall. I desperately needed shoes. We also both needed some random clothes.

Macy's went from disappointment to hilarity. First, ES1 tried unsuccessfully to find decent clothes. There "woman" section (i.e., for any person with curves) was universally matronly. And stay tuned for a rant from her about "Petites."

On the way out, we passed through the dress section. We saw two items that had to be seen to be believed.


I am a big fan of the 80s. But every now and then something reminds me why we tried so desperately to bury parts of that era.

This is one of them:


The Bride of Betelgeuse:

It should also be noted that there are only two men's shoe stores in the Walden Galleria. One got $300 of business from me. The other lost all credibility by prominently displaying a floor-to-ceiling rack of these monstrosities, whose name I shall not utter*.

*For further exploration of the horror that is this atrocious piece of footwear, see the yeoman's work done by The Manolo under the category of horrors.

Updated 8/16/07 to correct image links.


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