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Friday, July 20, 2007

I Agree with Robert Byrd...

I didn't think I'd ever hear myself saying this...

It looks like he said something which actually made sense. He made a rather impassioned statement yesterday to the effect that he wouldn't mind seeing executions in the case of dogfighting rings*. Not only do I agree, I would actually take it a step further.

The poor animals involved in these events, despite the best efforts of many dedicated people, cannot be rehabilitated. Those involved, from the organizers to the spectators, have ceased to be human.

My proposal is this:

1) Track suspects.

2) Find the house where fights occur.

3) Use infrared or other technology to monitor the premises. Wait until an actual fight with spectators is occurring.

4) Seal off the building and demolish it. Have sharpshooters posted to take out anyone attempting to escape.

The geneva convention specifically states that in order to apply under its protections, you have to abide by its rules. You abide by the rules of war, and you should expect to be treated likewise. Violate the rules, and all bets are off. This is why uniformed soldiers are protected but terrorists who behead hostages with knives and bake 11-year old children to serve to their parents are not.

The same applies for the basic rules of civilized society. Free will allows us to choose to operate within the bounds of civilized society or outside of them. We can, in fact, choose whether or not to be human beings. If you operate outside the bounds of civilization, you cease to be human. You become an animal. Friendly animals deserve friendly, humane treatment. Dangerous animals must be dealt with by whatever means are necessary.

Robery Byrd knows a little something about barbarism. It's good to see him arguing against it, for once.

Hey, some people change.

*"Impassioned" is one way to say it. Watching the video, he was downright incoherent at times. [back]


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