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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Lucky, I guess.

So I was feeling stumped by today's suggested topic and thought I'd branch out on my own.

I stumbled across this blog post via Manolo for the Big Girl! . It was a story about a woman, who came up with a the best comeback ever, when face with incredible rudeness.

The woman, who blogs at Dancing Down the Moon talked about what happened to her while standing in line in a cafe at a bookstore.

A thin woman turned to a total stranger and said ""God, I don't know, I just feel so, like, fat today. I feel like such a big fat cow."
"How do you stand it every day?"" The woman recounting the story came back with a phenomenal comeback. This was posted because there had been a discussion of how poorly some of the larger women who read the Manolo for the Big Girl blog have been treated in the past.

I am not a small woman, but I was shocked by the stories they recounted . I was also happy, because I had never had those experiences. The closest I ever got to nasty comments about my weight was my grandmother telling me I didn't want to get fat like my parents. And the subtle things that made me self conscious whenever I visited my ultra skinny cousins and aunt in Los Angeles.

Overall, I'm happy with my body the way it is. Would I like to lose weight? Sure. I got over my fat issues. I've got a husband who likes the way I look. So I guess I'm lucky for not having to deal with that kind of stuff.

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