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Monday, April 14, 2008

When The Mighty Fall...

It's always disconcerting when you see the fall of someone you looked up to. When someone who should be an expert demonstrates profound cluelessness, it shakes you a bit.

In this case, I speak of Ted Allen.

Ted, the food guru of Queer Eye, now often a judge on Iron Chef America, has eaten at some of the finest restaurants the nation has to offer. He knows what good food is.

Or so I thought.

Twice now, he has blasphemed. On Iron Chef America, and just now on Food Network's "Heavyweights: Java Giants," he has said that Starbuck's "Introduced people to coffee brewed at the proper strength."

Ted Allen.

The guy who's probably eaten at more French & Italian restaurants than you or I knew existed. He can't tell the difference between a true European dark roast and the yuppy charcoal water that's passed off as coffee at Starbucks.



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