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Monday, March 10, 2008

BufBloPoFo08 Day 10

As I'm progressing in my pregnancy, I'm starting to think about things we're going to share with our child.

Yesterday, as we were sorting our DVDs, I realized we had a serious question to discuss.

How old should our child be before we introduce Star Wars, and in what order to we show the films?

Part of me feels that release order is better, otherwise you lose the impacts of things like the Luke-Vader conversation at the end of Empire. That single line is a turning point in the movie and I think if you know too much about their history, it loses some of it's impact. Peter has suggested doing the Original Trilogy (in original form) followed by all 6 films in order (using the Special Edition versions of the Original Trilogy). I'm not sure if I like this idea or not.

As far as the age thing, right now I'm leaning towards 12 or so (just because if we're going to introduce them, we're going to do it all at once) because of Revenge of the Sith. But if any of my readers with younger children wish to weigh in, we'd greatly appreciate it.

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Blogger Marcy Mahoney said...

I too have pondered this, though kids are way on the distant horizon for me. My personal feeling is that I turned 1 year old two days after Star Wars (the original and first) debuted in theaters. (May 25, 1977.) I first saw it when I was 5. So I plan on letting my future progeny do the same. Only the originals. Re-releases and the new trilogy they can see when they are 18 and old enough to decide whether or not Midichlorians truly exist and to know that yes, Han did truly shoot first. :-)

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