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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Question About Organics.

Reading this post over at Teeny Manolo got me thinking.

We do organic for some things. For example, the only decent cornmeal we could find at Wegmans is the organic type. I generally only like organic, however, for basic ingredients.

For some reason, the prepared type organic things, especially granola bars and such, taste much more artificial than the non-organic type. Instead of tasting like what it's supposed to taste, it often simply tastes like cardboard.

I'll do organic if it tastes better. It may be "all natural," but so are arsenic, mercury and lead. Besides, even "all natural" is a misnomer. Everything you buy requires processing of some sort. All cooking involves chemical changes. Does it suddenly become "unnatural" the moment it's done by someone in a lab coat who actually understands the processes involved?

(Of course, the same argument applies to genetically modified foods, but don't tell that to the paranoid "frankenfood" freaks. Conspiracy theories let you avoid responsibility for your own failures by blaming the faceless people who control everything.)

Fresh stuff just tastes better. If it's gotta be pre-made and processed, however, at least have the decency to make it taste good. ES1 & I look for good quality at good prices. We'll pay more for better quality. We abjectly refuse, however, to pay more for "all natural" packing material masquerading as food.


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