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Sunday, September 14, 2008

iTunes lol

So earlier this week I had Peter download the Vivaldi Gloria as conducted by Robert Shaw with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra so I could use it for practicing (we're singing it in November as the finale of Ars Nova musicians Viva Vivaldi series for this year). I added the files to my computer and was selecting them to put them on the iPhone and I saw one of the track titles was listed as follows:

"Gloria in D, R. 589 XII C*m Sancto Spiritu"

I guess the really wanted to make sure they avoided the explicit tag. I'm assuming it's simply a case of Apple's cleanup software not recognizing Latin. I'd hate to think that a living person did this. I did change the track title for my own playlist and Peter did the same. He also submitted the screenshot before the change to the Fail blog.

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