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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So how did I name this blog, anyway?

When I sent a link to this blog to my friends, I told them I would give bonus points to anyone who could get the reference. My husband, in such a subtle way that even he wasn't aware of doing it, gave the answer in his post below. I took my blog name from the title of an episode of Sports Night

So why exactly do I like this show? Let me count the ways.

1. The Cast: Robert Guillaume, Felicity Huffman, Josh Charles, Joshual Malina, Peter Krause, Sabrina Lloyd and the rest meshed so well together.

2. The Dialogue: It is an Aaron Sorkin show after all. In what is probably my favorite episode (titled, as you might guess, "Shoe Money Tonight"), much of the dialogue takes place during a poker game. First there's a discussion on poker itself (is it or horse racing the sport of kings). Dana (Felicity Huffman) drives everyone crazy by saying "shoe money tonight." Then of course there is the fight going on between Jeremy and Natalie (who are dating and having their first real fight). Which gives us this speech: "You don't have a house of any sort, you don't even have a pup tent. You've got trip sevens, and I have a straight. I want you to trust me right now. I want you to say to yourself, yeah, I've dated a string of jerks in my life, they were stupid, they were mean to me, but maybe this one's different. Maybe I should take a chance and not adopt the break-up-with-him-before-he-breaks-my-heart strategy. I want you to remember that when I started liking you, I didn't stop liking tennis. And I want you to know that I don' t think there's a woman in the world that you need to be threatened by, no matter how glamorous you think she is. But mostly, I want you to trust me, just once, when I tell you, you have three sevens, and I have a straight."

3. It's about sports (sort of) and often talked about the less popular sports.

4. The preaching on social issues was kept to a pleasant minimum allowing Sorkin to do what he does best (great ensemble casts with good dialogue).

5. It was about a sports show, but didn't just focus on the anchors. A good portion of the scenes took place in the production booth with the writers, sound guys, video guys, producers, etc.

I would recommend everyone check out the show on DVD. There are only 45 episodes and without commercials they run about 20 min long.

So that's where my blog got it's name. A small homage to a wonderful, but short-lived television show.


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