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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Baking Frenzy

I'm not sure what's come over me lately. I've been on a major baking binge. Right now I'm on a pie kick. I haven't really done much pie baking in my baking career - usually I stick to cakes and cookies. But at Thanksgiving I'm good for a pumpkin and/or a sweet potato pie or two. I've not really done much with fruit pies though. Peter wanted me to attack apple but they're out of season right now. So I tried strawberry first. It was mostly ok, the filling just didn't thicken well. It tasted just fine. Right now, I've got a cherry pie in the oven. I always make the crust by hand and we've had this canned cherry pie filling in our pantry since my bridal shower. We figured now that we've had our 2nd anniversary it was high time we used it. But we didn't just use the canned filling - we doctored it up of course. You know we can't leave well enough alone.


Blogger CathySeipp said...

My favorite is rhubarb pie, very easy and completely worth the effort. It tastes the same to me in pie if you use fresh or frozen.

But canned fruit for pies? Never! (I do like plain canned peaches and apricots though.)

10:42 PM  

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