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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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The title of this post was, conveniently enough, typed by its subject. We're dog-sitting for my parents, who decided to go on a spur of the moment vacation. We've been thinking about getting a dog and figured this would make a good trial run.

As I sat down to type this, he jumped on the couch and proceeded to put his paws on the laptop. My mom dropped him off yesterday, while I was on call at work. We were all wondering how he'd take to the new environment, considering he's never been in this house before. He certainly knows us well, especially since I was still living at home when my parents first got him. As these pictures show, he's settling in quite nicely.

He's pretty much acting like he does at my parents house, except he can't run as well on our hardwood floors as he does on their carpets. Sorry mom, he's not moping at all. This is the dog that spent the first two weeks or so after I moved out of the house wandering around looking for me.

Updated 8/16/07 to correct image links.


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