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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Now, Apple's laptops have not been immune to some quality problems in the past.

There was the well-publicized incident of the PowerBook 5300. It was to be the first PowerBook to use a Lithium Ion battery instead of a nickel cadmium. The early models generated too much heat, and one in the lab caught fire. The production models were all given NiCad's and the machines went happily on their merry way.

Then there was the incident of the MagSafe power adapter on a MacBook Pro catching fire. That one appears to be an isolated incident, and no one is yet sure what happened. There are currently reports of some batteries overheating and swelling, but none have yet done anything dramatic.

Then, there was the incident of an iBook being set on a carpet, and catching fire. Again, an isolated incident, but still worrying.

Any sort of defect in Apple's products tends to get major attention, because so many mac users are so rabid about them. These crazy users, or MacMacs,* will point out each and every little tiny flaw, and follow religiously the major ones. I for one, often appreciate that. I think it helps Apple's quality control that people don't give them a break ever. The result is that my MacBook Pro, although it's a first generation machine built in the 11th week of this model's production, is a very solid piece of equipment.

I have had limited experience with various PC laptops. I found them to be pretty universally ugly, overcomplicated (too many thingies all over the place), and either heavy as bricks with a decent battery life, or light and flimsy with lousy battery life. And then, to add insult to injury, they run Windows.

Even all those incidents don't measure up to this event that occurred at a conference in Japan. I am not nearly the rabid MacMac I used to be; if anyone asks me about my choice in computers, I explain the reasons behind my decision, with no judgement upon whether the same decision would be right for them. All the same, however, I still took great pleasure in reading this.

Hat tip: MacDailyNews

*The term 'MacMac', coined by the folks at the great internet radio show, Your Mac Life, is a reference to the effect one hears when waiting in line for a Steve Jobs keynote address at a MacWorld Expo. Hordes of people are talking very quietly about what rumors they expect to see confirmed during the keynote. Since everyone is talking about different things, the only common denominator is that you hear the word "Mac" over and over again.

mac mac. mac mac. mac mac. mac mac.


Blogger Kim said...

Oh you have touched my heart!

I'm a MacAddict. Been one since my first baby Performa in 1994. We once had two iMacs, one Powerbook, a G3 tower and a G4 Tower all at the same time!

And then they opened Apple stores and I realized I could go to the mall and literally stand in heaven!


1:11 PM  

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