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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A certain point of view?

We generally try to avoid anything political on this blog, but I thought this article was too important to pass up. I have been more and more disgusted of late by the media which by and large ignores the heroics of our fighting men, leading some to believe that none take place; in one case the New York Times refused to print a story because it was "too heroic".

Entering into a war is an act of horrific violence which people can and should debate always. I have nothing but contempt, however, for those who would denigrate our brave fighting men and women, or willfully give aid and comfort to those trying to kill them.

The following article by James S. Robbins illustrates exactly what has been wrong with our perceptions for decades. It illustrates the difference between how we react to atrocities, especially those committed by our own people, and the way some others do.

As you read it, keep in mind one thing: the story of Abu Ghraib did not break in the media until after the indictments were announced. It disgusts me that things like that are called "cover ups"

The article...


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