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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's OCTOBER Gorramit! - Part II

Things have gotten steadily worse.

Through the night we lost power a few more times - almost 10 in all by now.

Last night I helped our neighbor saw, lift, and remove a 15 foot leaf covered branch which had impaled his fence. This morning I awoke to find 2 more of those in the same spot, hanging off his power lines. I used my handy-dandy reciprocating saw to cut it into small enough pieces that I could lift over the line. I then hauled 3 more 20-foot branches down to the curb to clear the driveway so ES1 could get to work. A quick look up into the tree showed that about 1/3 to 1/2 of the healthy branches are just gone.

Then, she tried to go to work. Kenmore Ave (a fairly major road for those who are not familiar with the area) is completely dark. Many streets are down to single car passage due to downed trees. Power lines are down all over the place. ES1 got about halfway there before she had to turn around. Many lines were hanging so low that they would almost touch her Jeep. The snow was so thick that others may have been on the ground without her seeing them.

She turned around, came home, and paged my brother who runs the ICU that she's rotating through now. She's feeling guilty that she didn't try hard enough to get in. If she ever starts to doubt her dedication, I need only mention this day.

There are 2 downed lines in our back yard. Since our neighbors have lights on, I'm guessing they're phone lines. When the sun rises I'll take a few more shots and post them. More than a foot of wet, heavy snow has fallen.300,000 homes are without power. There's a restriction on water usage because they're still restoring power to the water treatment plant which covers 2/3 of Erie County. The lightning is still going strong, and some of the flashes have been green.

On the bright side we're both home and we're both safe. Anything that's going to fall, for the most part here, already has. Our damage was relatively light. We have power, heat, water, cable, phone, DSL, plenty of food, and a well stocked liquor cabinet. We've both got a snow day together. The temperature's supposed to go up to 47 today, so within a few days all of this will be gone. For today, we're just gonna stay in.


Anonymous Kristen said...

Good to hear you're both OK. I didn't really know how bad it was until we turned on TWC this morning and heard the official number for Buffalo last night was 10.9".

Stay safe, especially with all those power lines. Eek!

8:47 AM  

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