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Monday, January 15, 2007


I found myself saying "I need to blog about this" too many times today to do separate posts. So here's a mixed bag of links.

First: To all those who think Title IX is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Read this article. I also recommend Jessica Gavora's wonderful book on the subject.

Second: Today, a 20 year manhunt ended in an arrest. To those of you who moved out of the area - They think they count the Bike Path Rapist. See articles here and here .

Third: Back in December a moron out on Juvenile probation was engaged in criminal activity. He was caught by two police officers. Because he was no longer a juvenile and was "afraid" of going to jail this genius shot both cops. One suffered relatively minor injuries. The other, a female, was shot in the chin and the bullet hit her spine. She has been making progress (she can move her shoulder muscles a little) and is being transferred to a rehab center. The Buffalo News had an article about her here .


Anonymous Kristen said...

Item 2: Thank. God.

9:23 PM  

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