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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cue the Theme Music

ES1 & I were watching my birthday gift from her - The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. We were watching the episode "Riverboat." We had already decided that we were going to bed right after this episode.

The episode was nearing the climax. I flipped over to Drudge to briefly check the headlines.

Precisely as the climactic theme music popped up, I saw the headline:

Immigration Bill withdrawn.

ES1 & I are both children of immigrants. Her mother is an immigrant. My parents and brothers are both immigrants. I was the first US born in my family. I later became the first to attend a catholic school since 1536. To call us anti-immigrant would just be moronic.

The amnesty bill was a proverbial kick in the nads to everyone who had been waiting patiently in line to immigrate the right way; my oldest brother is on the citizenship waiting list. Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way.

If someone comes to your front door, you welcome them with open arms and make them part of the family. Assimilate does not mean forget your heritage. Assimilate means you learn English, call yourself American and renounce allegiance to your previous homeland. Then you teach us your traditions and, most importantly, teach us how to cook your food. Assimilate means that what you came from enriches what we all are. But you're now one of us. We are all changed and improved by your addition. But you are one of us.

Again, if someone comes to your front door and rings the bell, you welcome them with open arms. If they sneak in through your basement window you deal with them appropriately.

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