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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm getting tired of waiting......

So several months ago, Peter and I ordered two copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from One copy was for us and one was for Peter's dad as a father's day gift. Why did we order from them Amazon rather than going through a local bookstore? Basically because when we went to Barnes and Noble to pre-order them, we found out we couldn't actually pre-order them and pay for them at that time, we could just reserve a copy. It was a little too unwieldy to do that because in order to give it as a gift to his dad we would have had to reserve a copy, then buy a giftcard in the amount of the book. So we went to Amazon, which was offering guaranteed delivery on July 21st if you paid for standard shipping. The guarantee being if id didn't arrive on the 21st, you would not be charged. About two hours ago, we got the phone call from Peter's dad saying he got his copy.

We are still waiting. My UPS tracking number says that it is "in transit" and that it was loaded for delivery. I'm getting very very very frustrated. I'm telling you (all of my readers) right now, that if that book is not here soon, I'm sending Peter out to buy a copy, because it's driving me crazy. Why the fsck was I so stupid? I won't have time to read it until next weekend if it doesn't come today.

EDIT: 2:45pm. It finally arrived.

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