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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clean the D*@! Snow off your car!

So today's topic was to talk about things people do wrong. Inspired by todays weather, I would like to remind people of some issues regarding snow and ice on cars.

1. Don't just clean off the patch of windshield that you look out of. That's just plain dumb and really unsafe. I'm always frightened when I see someone driving with a little spot cleared off his windshield. They can't see out of their windows, they can't see their mirrors, the can't even see out the back. A person driving like that is a danger to everyone.

2. Even if you clean off your windows, there are still some areas of the car that get neglected. Take a few seconds to get the snow off the hood of your car. Once you get moving at any rate of speed, especially on the highway that snow, is going to fly into your windshield, impairing your vision. Making you a danger to yourself and others on the road.

3. If you can reach the top of your car, get the snow off your roof. I have an SUV and still manage to get most of the snow off my roof. If you leave it up there, it will fly into the windshields of the cars behind you.

4. Clear the snow off your headlights and taillights. Snow covering them means it's hard to see if they're on, if you're stopping, or if you're planning to turn.

5. FYI, I'm pretty sure all of the above are actually required by law in this state along with cleaning the snow off your license plate.

Please follow my advice, you'll make already dangerous roads a lilttle safer for all of us.

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