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Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

Today is the day to celebrate all that we have and all that it took to gain it.

Today is the day to remind the historically clueless: You can organize mass protests against them in major cities and in the capitol without fear of anything but counter-protests. To claim, therefore, that our current government is "repressive" just makes you look like an idiot. Similarly, to think that the government has nothing better to do but to watch your every move takes, to paraphrase John Douglas, a pretty heavy dose of paranoid self-importance.

Today is the day to ask the ACLU why they think every section of the Bill of Rights is an individual right, except, for some reason, the second one. And to remind them also that around the world, whenever a dictator takes power, the first thing they do to secure themselves is to disarm the people.

Today is the day to re-read the 10th amendment and try to count how many federal agencies and programs are a direct violation of the same.

Today is the day for the frigtards of my generation, 55% of which, apparently, don't understand that sovereign means you get to decide how to govern yourself without kowtowing to bureaucrats in Brussels.

Today is the day to remember that we're not like Great Britain or Canada who only pretend to know what free speech is, but will gladly shove those rights aside in favor of not offending people. To quote Wesley Snipes' character of Simon Phoenix in the gloriously fun Demolition Man, "Look, you can't take away people's right to be assholes!"

Today is the day in which I will rewatch "The Patriot," not because it's completely historically accurate - it's not - but because it is the only movie I can think of which accurately capture the feel of what the founders of our nation were truly up against.

Today is the day I will reread "The Americans Who Risked it All," to remind myself of what people suffered to gain our independence.

Today is the day to thank a serviceman or veteran for maintaining our liberty.

And finally, when you have considered what our liberty means and what it has taken to gain it and maintain it, today is the day to go out and enjoy it.


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