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Friday, June 13, 2008

1950 - 2008

America has lost a truly great man.

Tim Russert was truly loved by people on both sides of the aisle. His technique of bringing out old quotes and asking people to explain or defend them was legendary. He was tough. He was fair. You knew what his politics were, but you also knew that he kept an open mind and respected others' opinions.

I only ever saw him cut off a guest once. At the end of an interview with Al Gore, trying desperately to avoid the subject of manbearpig, they argued about the homerun throwback. While Gore tried feebly to argue that it was a fair play, the camera then slowly zoomed on Tim, who chanted repeatedly "Go Bills, Go Bills," as Gore continued to talk, trying to get some sort of point in.

Tim never forgot where he came from. His love of Buffalo was surpassed only by Buffalo's (and America's) love for him.

The Basilica just recovered from Jimmy Griffin's funeral. Now, it seems the preparations must begin anew.

And, to make matters worse, today is not only the beginning of Father's Day weekend, but it is also Father Sturm's birthday. Sturm was just on channel 4's news, on the verge of tears.

I cannot describe the effect of watching an old Jesuit disciplinarian cry.

We are a better people for having known him. We are a lesser people for having lost him.

His chair will be filled. But his shoes will never be.

Here is Tom Brokaw reporting the news:

Hat tip to Shadowfax for the video.


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