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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Notes from rehearsal

So as my earlier post noted, I'm singing in a concert this weekend. What follows are some things that went through my head during rehearsal.

If your a soloist (especially if your being paid) and its less than a week until the concert, you should not need help with entrances and notes.

There is a fine line between sounding strong/powerful and sounding strident/shrill.

Why is it, that some people, even if they come every week will lose their place because they don't know where the cuts are, but I have every marking down and my pages paper-clipped (and I've missed almost half the rehearsals for this concert)?

Why is it that some soloists can't seem to realize that if your singing with a chorus you can't always play around with the music and you might actually have to sing it as it's written?

Do you hear the people sing is a hard song for a second alto to sing and sound angry and forceful on - too many high notes.

So how come a solo for an alto part in a medley is listed as a soprano solo?

And now that I think about it, why are there so few good roles in musical theater for an alto?

New lyrics to Stars: "And if you fall as Lucifer fell you fall in spit." (you probably had to be there to get the joke)

Kudos to my director for discussing something that often bothers me. Our dress rehearsal is on a different night than usual and also starts earlier than a regular rehearsal does. It's also in a location that requires us to travel on some of the busiest local roadways at rush hour. She acknowledged those who kill themselves to arrive on time (or as close to it as possible), those who might lose money because they have to leave work early, etc. Then she addressed the others. If you were to look at the pictures on the BCAS website (link in my post below), you will note that a fair number of our members are of retirement age. I'd guess about 1/4th of the group doesn't work (stay at home parent, retired, etc). There are a small number of those few who consistently come late to every rehearsal. And as someone who will attempt to move mountains to get to rehearsal at all, much less on time, it is frustrating to see people take rehearsal that lightly. And she let them know it.


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