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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Sir Paul

You say its your birthday ,
too .

For those of you who don't know, today is Paul McCartney's 64th birthday. There are articles abounding because this birthday is significant. See here , here and here .

So why is 64 significant? Because on the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album, there is a terrifically cute song titled "When I'm 64". It's a tribute to a wonderful life of being retired with a loving spouse. It's probably also the life he'd be living today if his beloved Linda hadn't died of breast cancer. Instead, on his 64th birthday, he's in the midst of a divorce that is being closely followed by the press. That's not the best way to spend a birthday.

Paul McCartney is one half of the greatest song-writing team of all time. And his solo music is nothing to scoff at. I may not agree with all of his politics, but I am thankful that he exists in this world. I spent much of my childhood with my parent's record player and my mother's Beatles albums. I can't wait to do that with my children someday.

So happy birthday Sir Paul, and many many more.


Blogger Kim said...

I did a post for Paul, too! LOL!

Ya gotta love the guy, he's writing, he's rocking.

I'm sick about his divorce. Not because of Heather herself, she might be a very nice woman, but because I was hoping he might find a bit of happiness.

And he didn't make her sign a pre-nup.

The guy is a romantic.

When he married Linda I was twelve.

Then when he marries again, the chick is ten years younger than me.

Oh, and I'm married, too.

I never had a chance.......

1:15 PM  

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