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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Unsung - We all got 'im

It's been quite a week. Tuesday, those with nothing better to do hemmed and hawed over the accidental similarity between the date, 6/6/(20)06 and the number of the beast 666. All the while, far too many people forgot the real significance of the date of June 6. This morning, as ES1 is down at BGH on 24 hour call, I'm watching a movie I make it a point to watch every year about this time. Never should we forget the sacrifices made for freedom from tyranny on The Longest Day.

There is a scene fairly early on in which an officer on board one of the invasion ships (since it's black & white, I can't tell if he's a Lt. Commander or a full Commander) speaks in awe of the sheer number of ships and men involved. I started thinking about not just them, but all the support staff required for such an undertaking. One need only look to the Russsian "scorched earth" strategy, used successfully against both Napoleon and Hitler, to realize the importance of logistics. No one will ever write a song about supply and support personnel. But no one will ever win a war without them.

The point was driven home again yesterday. This post on Blackfive, entitled "Not Just One Pilot," drove home the point that, as catchy as the Army's new slogan may be, there is no such thing as "An Army of One." The pilot may be credited with the goal; But a metric buttload of people will be credited with the assist.


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