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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I know it's a little late but...

I know my beloved Sabres lost game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday, but with the concert being Sunday, having guests for the weekend, and being on call yesterday, I haven't had much time to comment on it. First and foremost, this had been a season for the ages. This VERY young team, defied all odds, seeing as how, no one expected them to even potentially make the playoffs. Nobody seemed to really expect or understand how well they were doing. As ESPN's Scott Burnside commented , earlier in the year "The Buffalo Sabres share this much in common with quantum physics: You can get a headache trying to figure out how they work, but darned if they don't work." And that was just in January. I think we were the best team in the true meaning of the word team in the NHL this year. We had tons of injuries, especially to major players, but whenever someone got hurt, someone else just stepped up. The team never seemed to lose hope. And lets talk a little bit about the Carolina series. At the time of Game 7 only 2 of the defensemen we were playing with were actually on the team for the majority of the season, the rest were playing for the Amerks. Some hadn't played for nearly a month (if I remember correctly). Yet, we still managed to lead in game seven. I knew and believed we had could win the Stanley Cup this year, but they had a great deal to overcome. And i was impressed. Good Job men. This year you reminded me of all that is good and wonderful in hockey, and reaffirmed my position as Sabres fan for life. Can't wait for next season.


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