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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mmm.... Sangria slush

So my husband and I went to the Taste of Buffalo yesterday. Three hours of wandering up and down the street eating interesting foods from restaurants I haven't been to before (for me that's quite a feat). It mildly disturbed me that in a festival covering about 5 city blocks (including a square) had at least 4 beer tents. I'm not really sure why they needed so many, one slightly large one would have sufficed. I just felt like the beer tents were more about getting drunk than anything else (and this is a daytime, supposedly family-friendly festival). Maybe I'm just biased because I had to share a subway car with a bunch of drunken tattooed pierced poser college students each carrying 5 or 6 empty beer glasses.

While wandering I got to eat: vegetable pakora, tomato-basil-mozarella mini sandwich, chilled melon soup, BBQ pork "wing", vegetable samosa, spicy nuts, beef meat pastry, BBQ pork and beans, chocolate covered coffee beans and the above mentioned Sangria slush. Yummy.

There were also several local vineyards providing for tasting/purchase by the glass local wines. And one or two had a wine slush machine set up. One of them had this really tasty Sangria slush. Our friend Erin put it best in her AIM away message today: "It's time for another edition of Real Men of Genius.... Today we salute you, Mr. Sangria-Slushie-Inventor. You took one of the world's most refreshing beverages, the slushie, and gave it some class, a nice fruity taste, not to mention a kick-ass buzz by adding yummy sangria wine. In the tradition of peanut butter and jelly, vodka and red bull, or green eggs and ham, you've taken two great tastes and made them taste great together. So crack open an ice-cold Labbatt Blue Light, mr Sangria-Slushie-Inventor, because slushies aren't just for kids anymore :)"

Still tons of fun and the weather was beautiful. It's not all cold and snow here in Buffalo you know ;).


Blogger Obi-Wandreas, The Funky Viking said...

We couldn't tell if they were holding the cups as trophies, or if they were going to use them to furnish their apartment.

4:52 PM  

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