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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's OCTOBER Gorramit! - Part IV: The Escape

At about 10:00 our power gave out for good. With all the power lines down, it could be out until Tuesday. The power line is resting on top of our garage.

We packed some clothes, our laptops, a couple of DVDs, and our Airport Base Station and headed over to ES1's parents' house. It's a mile away from our house, and it has power. We left the answering machine plugged in so we could call up and see if the power's back.

2 saving graces:

1) Friendly neighbors have a generator - they allowed us to plug in our sump pump so our basement doesn't flood as this 1.5 feet of snow melts.

2) No temperatures below freezing - so no worries about pipes.

So, it looks like we're refugees for a few days. We felt like wimps leaving, but if the power line had fallen all the way, we couldn't get into the garage. It was now or possibly never.


Anonymous Kristen said...

Um, yes. Good. I prefer my friends thawed and raw, neither frozen nor well-done. Say hi to the parental units for me!

3:04 PM  

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