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Monday, January 22, 2007


I got some sad news this weekend. The Diocese of Buffalo announced that the grade school I went to is closing. Peter and I are still members of the parish even though we moved out of the "official" boundaries. Part of the reason we stayed (besides the fact it's the only church I've ever gone to) was that I always had the plan of sending my kids there someday. Intellectually, I understand the reasoning behind the closing, but it still hurts.

One of the reasons why this bothers me is that I know that the school closing is the death knell of the parish. I was Baptized there, made my First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation there. That is the church where Peter converted. I sang in the youth choir, the folk group, and the adult choir. I was married there. I planned on baptizing my kids there. Things had been different there in the last few months, since we had a change in leadership (were had been taken over by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate years ago, but they had to leave to take over another church) and the new Pastor was, not entirely well liked. And he had no interest in the school and talked about closing it from the moment he arrived. The paranoid part of me wonders if he was sent there to make people leave, because they have been since he arrived.

We had even started thinking about going somewhere else. Maybe that's why I'm so upset, I'm just guilty about thinking about leaving. This sealed the deal for us. We're officially looking for a new parish. There are a few near us and we're going to be checking them out over the next few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment.


Anonymous Jenn said...

Which one is yours?

My parents just switched to St. John's over on Englewood. They used to go to St. Paul's, but I guess St. John's has this new youngish priest that my mom thinks is nice.

I guess my mom told the nun she talked to when they officially joined that I'm converting and she said was like, "Just put her down with your family anyway. You never know when she'll need it." And even after telling them that, they still wrote me a letter so that I could be Erin's baby's godmother. They seem cool, I guess, for Catholics. ;)

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