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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Very Harry Weekend

As of about 10 minutes ago I finished the book. I started reading it when it arrived at 2:45pm, stopped at 5pm to go to dinner and see Order of the Phoenix with Peter and Alexis. We got home about 11 and now I'm done. Good book. I have no desire to spoil anyone, so that is all I'm going to say about the book itself.

Seeing as we only ordered one copy, I can't imagine what it was like for Peter to be sitting next to me as I'm reading and reacting. Now, as he's started, I can at least ask him which part he's responding to. And frankly, I tried to keep my emotions in check so as not to spoil too much for him.

I enjoyed the movie, although it was not the best of the series by far. What I noticed in both this movie and Goblet of Fire, is that they seemed rushed despite the length of the movie. That's probably because there was so much in both novels. If they were four hour movies, they probably would have felt rushed.

After the movie we went to Anderson's for some ice cream. While we were in line, deciding what we wanted, they announced that it was time for another Harry Potter trivia question and that the first person to come to the counter with the correct answer would get a free cone. After they asked the question, I overheard one of the workers say that no one was going to get the answer. Mind you, I heard this as I was sprinting over to answer the question. I got it right. That earned me a hi-five from the girl who asked the question. I tried to declare myself "Queen Dork of the Universe" but Peter pointed out I wasn't eligible, because I left my wand at home.

Oh, did you want to know the question?

What is Albus Dumbledore's full name?

Oh, yeah the answer:
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbldore

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