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Thursday, March 19, 2009

BufBloPoFo09 Day 6

Today i'm talking about my first apartment. It was located in the Raintree Island apartment complex. It was 875 square feet, had two bedrooms, one bath, a smallish kitchen (we could put a table in it and still work), a living room and a balcony. We lived there for a little over a year. The smaller of the two bedrooms was affectionately known as the junk room and was essentially filled with the stuff we needed but couldn't really find a good place for. As apartments go it was pretty nice. There were 12 apartments in our building. We had access to a gym, pool, baseball diamonds (generally used by our neighbors to play Cricket) and a large community room we could use to throw parties if we wanted.

It was at the apartment where we had the New Year's Eve party where we ordered 5 # of roast beef for 20 people. None of the beef was eaten that night but we managed to polish off 5 bottles of champagne plus other assorted alcohol. The first guest left around noon, we started eating the roast beef around 2 and the last guest left at 9pm. That is our second most talked about New Year's Eve party.

I loved our apartment, but I couldn't wait to leave. We were on the second floor and whoever lived above us like to drop very loud things on the floor at 2am. I could never get the bedroom dark enough when I was on nights, so thats when I started using a sleep mask for daytime sleeping. Whenever I get frustrated with the house, all I have to do is remember apartment living and realize how much better it is here.

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