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Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Customer Service

I have always had great experiences with customer service from Apple. I know there are some who have not had such great experiences, but that happens with any large company. Nobody's perfect, and as somebody put it on their show the other day, the internet tends to function as a giant echo chamber, magnifying any small problem. As I put a little while ago, this has a tendency to keep Apple's quality control rather high, if nothing else just to keep the mac-macs at bay.

Yesterday I received an email from Apple informing me that I had accidentally been charged twice for a song at the iTunes music store. They informed me that they were correcting the situation, and that they had given me a free song for my trouble. The email included a link to redeem the song.

Naturally, my first thought was "phishing." The link, however, was clearly one for iTunes itself. although iTunes contains a web browser (based on the same Konqueror engine in Safari), it is limited to going to the iTunes music store itself. It would be exceptionally difficult to spoof that. Besides, they gave me a plain text copy of the coupon key, something I doubt a phishing email would do.

In my experience, Apple's been very good about things like that. Last year, when ordering 10.4, I wrote them an email complaining about the fact that it didn't arrive in time. They responded by offering me my choice of either a free copy of iWork or iLife.

Every business makes mistakes. Bad customer service treats mistakes as though they are too much of a hassle to correct. Decent customer service corrects them right away. Great customer service fixes problems before you see them, then gives you something for your "trouble."

Attention to detail is the hallmark of a very good business. It's what keeps us coming back to places like La Marina* As a wise man once said, "if they won't bother with you, then you don't bother with them." With all the choices there are in today's society, there's no reason to settle.

*that, and the salmon head we found in bed with us after we had been away for too long


Anonymous Kim said...

Amen, I have NEVER had a problem with Apple service and I've been an total and absolute MacAddict since my first Performa in 1994!

Hopelessly devoted to Mac!

1:51 AM  

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