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Saturday, March 21, 2009

BufBloPoFo09 Day 8

Today I'm supposed to talk about Silly Rabbit... . This is the blog that is below mine on the sidebar at Royal Toybox and according to Mike I'm supposed to:

Alright, enough of this lazy stuff, time to get those creative juices flowing. Take a look to the right over there and you’ll see a list of the “BufBloPoFo 09 Participants”. It’s pretty, isn’t it?!? Look at them all! Okay, now find whichever blog is below yours and talk about that dude. If you know them, tell us how you met. If you don’t know them, talk about something you read on their site. Whichever it is, end your post by asking that person a question. (That last part maaaaaaay be important later on...),

So I don't know Michelle in person. I have noticed a theme running through her posts. She is a new mother of a baby boy. It sounds as though she's having fun being a mom and breastfeeding. Don't worry, the clustering goes away (and if your lucky they do it in the early evening and sleep all night). The sleep comes back too. Also, I'd like to tell her that the next time Alyssa gets a diaper rash, I'm trying her method; it seems like good advice.

Here's my question for Michelle:

Now you've been a mom for a whole three weeks now, how are you adjusting to motherhood and is it everything you had expected?



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